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Higashiyama Kageroi |東山 かげろひ

3-26-51 Higashiyama Kanazawa Isikawa 920-0831 Japan

“Higashiyama Kageroi” machiya house lies within the beautifully preserved city of Kanazawa – introducing you to a side of Japan that will surprise even the most seasoned visitors.

Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.

A city located along the western coast, near the Sea of Japan, Kanazawa is affectionately known as “Little Kyoto”.
Not only does it boast traditional houses, neighborhoods reminiscent of a town rich in history, cuisine featuring delicacies found only in Kanazawa, but a plethora of crafts and folk art recognized by UNESCO.
Explore Kenroku-en Garden, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Japan, & the Teahouse Districts (where feudal lords once lived lavishly), or marvel the works of Gold Leaf artisans who decorate everything from chopsticks to cakes in gold.

Located in the “Higashi Chaya District” – An old neighborhood that is dotted with traditional teahouses and stone-paved streets that echoes its former glory.

Guest Rooms


This spacious machiya house welcomes you with its dark wooden lattice-framed windows, and unique slate-coloured walls (in which small particles of serpentine rock have been embedded) .


An open floor plan that includes an antique wooden table, complete with a bench and chairs that can seat up to 9 guests. Rich, mahogany wood line the floor to seamlessly blend with the traditional tatami mats. The Japanese living room features “shoji” doors, large cushions to relax on, and a view of the garden from which the soft sunlight illuminates the room.


Surrounded by a beautiful bamboo fence is a garden that will provide you a space of tranquility during your stay– Japanese greenery, a stone lantern & basin exemplifies the simplicity and beauty of traditional “tsuboniwa” gardens.


A fully functional kitchen is available during your stay. Stop by the local supermarket, or pick up some fresh groceries from “Omicho Market”– a bustling outdoor market selling fresh seafood, produce, and handmade delicacies.


A luxurious space for you to relax in, with walls that have been lavishly lined with “Noto Hiba” wood. This wood can be found in the Noto region of Ishikawa prefecture. It emits a subtle scent that will allow for you to relax in the large bathtub after a day of exploring Kanazawa.

—2nd Floor—

Japanese-Style BEDROOMS

A deep ultramarine blue paints the walls of one room, while a brilliant splash of red covers the walls of the adjacent room. Although surprising, at first glance, to be surrounded by bright colors within a traditional space, these colors hold a long history within Kanazawa.
The “Kanazawa Colors” represent a unique side of the city: Red served as a backdrop to showcase the geiko & maiko who often entertained guests. While blue was a hue favored by Samurai warriors — as it was a color hard to acquire and therefore represented power.

Bedding Configuration

•Up to 3 futon bedding can be set in each Japanese Room (2 Japanese Rooms on the 2F)
•When more than 6 guests stay at this house, an additional 3 futon bedding will be set in the 1F Japanese Room.


Complimentary WIFI Internet
Plasma TV
Washing Machine & Dryer
Washing Detergent
Refrigerator & Freezer
Air Conditioning Unit (heat/cool)
Induction Cooking Heater
Rice Cooker
Hair Dryer
Iron & Ironing Board
Toilet x 2 (1F; 2F)
Bathroom (Shower & Bathtub) x 1
Futon Mattress x 9
Plates, Cups & Cutlery (enough for 9 guests)
Kitchen Cloth & Sponge
Kitchen Detergent


Green Tea Leaves, Black Tea Leaves, Coffee
Bath Towel & Face Towel
Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Soap
Cotton Set
Hand Soap
*No pajamas/yukata will be provided. Please bring your own sleepwear for a pleasant night’s sleep

Room Layouts



From Kanazawa Station to “Higashiyama Kageroi” by Bus
  • Kanazawa Station CENTRAL Exit (中央出口)
  • Take the “Kanazawa Loop Bus” (Right Loop) (10~15 minutes)
  • Get off at “Moriyama ichichome” Bus Stop
  • Walk to Higashiyama Kageroi (Approximately 5 minutes on foot)

*Bus Fare (100 yen on weekdays; 200 yen on weekends per person)

From Kanazawa Station to “Higashiyama Kageroi” by Taxi
  • Approximately 10 minutes (About 2 km; ~1100 yen)


Address 3-26-51 Higashiyama Kanazawa Isikawa

920-0831 Japan

Phone (Domestic)
Phone (International)
050 3786 2009 (10:00am~19:00pm)
+81 50 3786 2009 (10:00am~19:00pm)
Email info@kanazawa-machiya-inn.com
Operating hours Check in: 15:00-20:00
Check out: -10:00
Guest service time: 10:00-19:00
Please inform us in advance if you are due to arrive after 8pm.

Local Info

① Inabaya

“Restaurant Inabaya“ is using soup stock of special quality for their set meals, making it a very popular place for locals to eat.

② Fukuwauchi

Specialized in udon noodles and kettle-cooked rice, this restaurant will make you feel very welcome as soon as you get greeted by the friendly and lively landlady. A characteristic feature of their dishes is that you will always get a complete set – meaning that after ordering your udon noodles or rice, your meal will start with green tea and end with a dessert, emphasizing the restaurant’s policy.

③ OTABAcafe

Using organic potatoes from locals farmers, you can enjoy tasty cocottes at this restaurant. Breakfast is served from 08:00am.

④ Miyata・Szuan

Enjoy traditional Kaga course menus – heavily focused on gluten dishes – in this long established restaurant. How about Jibuni (Kanazawa duck stew) with raw wheat gluten or gluten cakes?

⑤ Yakitori Takata

This restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, from skewered chicken to fresh raw fish dishes. It is also a very family friendly place, where you can relax in the Japanese styled room.

⑥ Sawanoya

If coming to Kanazawa, you definitely have to try the Kaisendon (rice bowl with seafood), topped with a generous amount of rockfish at this traditional restaurant.

⑦ Bistro Todoroki-Tei

This long-established bistro with its elegant interior is specialized in French Cuisine and wines. You can choose from 40 types of wines and enjoy Western-style grilled dishes.

⑧ Chokichi

This grilled-chicken restaurant offers only Oyakodon(bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs) for lunch. The eggs are from Nodori (local poultry farm). The chicken meat is grilled on Kishu Binchotan charcoal, thus the meat has a distinct charcoal aroma and taste.


The rate can vary depending on season and length of stay.
Please click “Make a reservation” below or email us for more details or any questions.

Per Night Per Guest
2 guests 30,000 yen~ 15,000 yen~
3guests 33,000 yen~ 11,000 yen~
4guests 36,000 yen~ 9,000 yen~
5guests 39,000 yen~ 7,800 yen~
6guests 42,000 yen~ 7,000 yen~
7guests 45,000 yen~ 6,429 yen~
8guests 48,000 yen~ 6,000 yen~
9guests 51,000 yen~ 5,667 yen~