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“Higashiyama Kageroi” machiya house lies within the beautifully preserved city of Kanazawa – introducing you to a side of Japan that will surprise even the most seasoned visitors.

Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.

A city located along the western coast, near the Sea of Japan, Kanazawa is affectionately known as “Little Kyoto”.

Not only does it boast traditional houses, neighborhoods reminiscent of a town rich in history, cuisine featuring delicacies found only in Kanazawa, but a plethora of crafts and folk art recognized by UNESCO.

Explore Kenroku-en Garden, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Japan, & the Teahouse Districts (where feudal lords once lived lavishly), or marvel the works of Gold Leaf artisans who decorate everything from chopsticks to cakes in gold.

Located in the “Higashi Chaya District” – An old neighborhood that is dotted with traditional teahouses and stone-paved streets that echoes its former glory.